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Help purchase a newborn hearing screening machine by donating to my gofundme.  Thank you!

Have you heard about the Body Ready Method exercise program? (Formerly known as One Strong Mama)

It’s a program for pregnancy and postpartum that helps you learn how to move appropriately, exercise correctly, and learn the best steps to help yourself have a comfortable pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. With this program you may be able to avoid many of those common pregnancy aches and pains and the postpartum results such as pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse and diastasis recti.

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I have been attending births since 2011.  Every year approximately 22-30% are first births, 10-15% of the births are VBACS,  50-60% are waterbirths and 2-5% are c-sections.

In addition to graduating from ATM School of Midwifery and completing an apprenticeship, I have completed the following training and certifications.

Training and Certifications


Understanding Connections between Labor Interventions & Lactation March 2023

Effects of Intergenerational Trauma on Perinatal Persons of Color March 2023 Better Pain Relief for Perineal Repair February 2023

Tongue Tie Symposium 10 hours November 2022

Henenberger Vaginal Repair August 2022

Breech and Twins Masterclass May 2022

Breech Pro-Breech without Borders February 2022

How to Prevent and Recover from Midwifery Burnout February 2022

Breech Waterbirth, Perspectives and Controversy February 2022

Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn September 2021

One Strong Mama's Body Ready Method August 2021 

Helping families get evidence based care September 2021

Overturning Hospital Bans September 2021 

Due dates and Advanced Maternal Age August 2021

EBB Suspected Big Babies August 2021

The Regulation of Milk and Placenta Consumption July 2021

EBB PROM GBS and Newborn Procedure July 2021 

Rethinking 2nd stage: Letting baby out vs Getting Baby Out June 2021

Meeting Student Needs: Strategies for Access & Success June 2021

Trauma Informed Pelvic Care February 2021

ICD-10 for Midwives: In a Nutshell January 2021

Neonatal Jaundice: Friend or Foe? October 2020

The New Normal for Newborn Weight Loss October 2020

Midwife Role in Pelvic Floor Health August 2020

EBB Friedman's Curve and Failure to Progress August 2020

EBB VBAC Evidence August 2020

Lets Talk Lactation: Expert Answers August 2020

Resolving Shoulder Dystocia April 2020

CPR/BLS for the Health Care Provider February 2020

Evidence on Natural Inductions November 2019

Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn September 2019

Hyperemesis Gravidarum September 2019

Does Breastfeeding Protect Maternal Mental Health April 2019

Thyroid Disorders in the Perinatal Period March 2019

Placentaphagy: Freq., Rationale and Assoc. Neonatal Outcomes Feb 2019

Out of Hospital Fetal Assessment in Labor January 2019

Internationally Board Certified Lactation Consultant Dec 2018

Tongue Tie Symposium 10 hours October 2018

NARM Midwifery Preceptor Webinar 2018

HIPPA and Patient Privacy Training October 2018

IBCLC Exam October 2018 

Advanced Insurance Billing for Midwives June 2018

Lactation Consultant Training Program Enriched Course, April 2018

CPR/BLS for the Health Care Provider March 2018

Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn September 2017

Expect the Unexpected:Midwives Handling Complications in Out-of-Hospital Settings:Complications of the Intrapartum Period; Complications of the Postpartum Period; Complications of the Newborn Period May 2017

Herbal and Pharmaceutical Galactogogues Use During Breastfeeding March 2017

Burnout, Compassion Fatigue and Self-Care for Members of the Perinatal Team March 2017

A Mother's Eye View of Breastfeeding Help March 2017

Moving from Pain to Power, with Passion and Pleasure February 2017

Significance of Childbirth to the Birthing Person September 2016

Milk and Gut Microbes August 2016

Advanced Lactation Skills June 2016

Intermittent Auscultation June 2016

Advanced Suturing Skills June 2016

Herbs in Pregnancy June 2016

Healing Birth Stories June 2016

CPR/BLS for the Health Care Provider April 2016

Integrative Resuscitation of the Newborn September 2015

Neonatal Resuscitation Program September 2015

Breech Basics August 2015

Newborn Hearing Screening for Out of Hospital Birth February 2015

Newborn CCHD Screening February 2015

Insurance Billing for Midwifery January 2015

TER Birth Registration Training April 2014

The Mother Baby Bond April 2014

Midwifery Past and Mothering the Midwife April 2014

Cranial Sacral Therapy for the Newborn April 2014

Cranial Sacral Therapy for Pregnancy Birth and Postpartum April 2014

Hypertensive Disorders of Pregnancy April 2014

Essential Oils April 2014

Breastfeeding Management in the first 6 weeks April 2014

Family Medicine Chest April 2014

The Future of Midwifery April 2014

CPR/BLS for the Health Care Provider April 2014

Neonatal Resuscitation Program November 2013

Basics of Lactation Management for Doulas March 2013

Spinning Babies February 2013

Childbirth Education Seminar October 2011

Birth Doula Training Course (DONA) October 2011

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