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Help purchase a newborn hearing screening machine by donating to my gofundme.  Thank you!

Have you heard about the Body Ready Method exercise program? (Formerly known as One Strong Mama)

It’s a program for pregnancy and postpartum that helps you learn how to move appropriately, exercise correctly, and learn the best steps to help yourself have a comfortable pregnancy, delivery and postpartum. With this program you may be able to avoid many of those common pregnancy aches and pains and the postpartum results such as pelvic floor dysfunction, prolapse and diastasis recti.

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The way a child is treated at a home birth is so very different than in a hospital. At home the room is warm and dimly lit. It is quiet and the first voices baby hears are likely to be those of Mom and Dad. Often Mom or Dad is the one catching baby and bringing baby to Mom's chest. Siblings or grandparents may be present as well. Home birth babies rarely cry because they have an easy and gentle transition. Baby doesn't leave the parents presence. During a home birth the other family members can be involved as much as the mother is comfortable with having them involved. Dads who have previously experienced hospital birth have remarked that they felt much more useful at a home birth and were able to enjoy the experience. Please contact me to discover if home birth is the right choice for you.

I now offer the Sneak Peek gender test! A simple blood test after 6 weeks gestation and you will know if its a boy or a girl for just $129. Call or email me to set up an appointment! Learn more:


Call, e-mail or get in touch via the form below. My practice is full until December 2023 due dates.   For the months my birth calendar is full I will still do Sneak Peek, placenta encapsulation and lactation consults. Please see MCCPM.ORG or MN Homebirth Facebook group for other midwife options



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The Wildflower Midwifery office in Zimmerman and Buffalo

Contact Information

Wildflower Midwifery

Jean A. Hartley

Licensed Midwife

Certified Professional Midwife

Phone: 254-295-7657


Offices in Zimmerman  and Buffalo.  Serving families within 75 miles of Zimmerman, Minnesota

Allie Roos Photography 320-828-4330

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