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Wildflower Midwifery

Jean A. Hartley, LM, CPM

Customer Testimonials

From the day that I met Jean, I knew I wanted her to help me bring my baby Earthside. Her calm is evident from hello. Knowledgeable and kind, her presence in our home for prenatal care was warm; in fact, my toddler still brings her up regularly! Fast forward to our sweet girl's birthday... Jean arrived in a timely fashion and I was able to realize my dream of having a baby in the comfort of my own home. Jean and her team cared for me like I was one of their own. When choices had to be made about my care, the options were clearly laid out in a way I could understand and all of my questions were answered, very much unlike my prior hospital birth. Additionally, she was very quick and efficient in encapsulating my placenta and getting it back to me.
Hats off to Jean and her team. We look forward to doing business again soon!


Can't recommend enough!!! With my first daughter I saw an OBGYN and she was born in a hospital, and I was overall happy with the experience, but the homebirth experience was much better in a lot of ways – prenatal care, the actual labor and birth, and postpartum recovery. During prenatal care I felt I much better understood my options instead of being pressured into things - Jean takes the time to go over the options and lets you make an educated decision on things (whereas doctors tend to push things on you and don’t explain unless you request it). I felt extremely comfortable with Jean from the beginning and didn’t hesitate to share any concern with her – which she was always able to address immediately and with obvious medical knowledge. It was great that she did home visits and I didn’t have to waste any time driving or sitting in a waiting room. With my first daughter (born in the hospital – before I met Jean!) my labor was quick and relatively pain-free UNTIL I got to the hospital – at which point my labor stalled for several hours and become quite difficult. With my second daughter, laboring at home the whole time, my labor never stalled, accelerated quickly, and was almost entirely pain-free until crowning/the pushing stage. Jean was a welcome, non-intrusive, comforting presence – she knew exactly what to do. We had agreed on everything ahead of time so there was no need to try to discuss things while I was in labor and I understood everything that was happening to and around me (unlike in the hospital where you really don’t know what is going on…) – so everything flowed smoothly, I had a gentle birth, and our baby was born in our loving home. She was never taken from me and I always knew what was happening with her. Recovery was super quick – Jean recommended that I take the first day to recover and not go up and down the stairs, but my husband woke that first morning to find me downstairs making breakfast – I felt great!

My husband was initially reluctant to do the home birth - first worried about a mess and second concerned it wasn't as safe as giving birth in a hospital. I'm happy to report there was no mess to speak of (Jean and her team took care of what little there was), and after having a much easier labor and birth experience he decided if we ever have another child he would also prefer to go with the homebirth experience (with Jean of course!). LOVED the midwife/home birth experience, LOVED Jean! Our family felt very taken care of and in very safe, experienced hands.