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Wildflower Midwifery

Jean A. Hartley, LM, CPM

Frequently Asked Questions

newborn exam
What is included in your basic package price with Wildflower Midwifery?
The price includes all in home care, up to 15 regular prenatal visits, use of an inflatable birth tub, labor, birth and immediate postpartum care for mom and baby, birth assistant fee, and up to 4 postpartum visits.  Due to a generous grant from Little Hearts I offer free congenital heart disease screening for babies born with Wildflower Midwifery.  Following the birth there is a complete examination of the newborn and commemorative foot prints completed. I also file your birth certificate information and social security card request.

What's included in the upgraded package price with Wildflower Midwifery?
All of the above plus two sixty minute massages in your home!  They are provided by Carollynn Thomas, CMT, of Butterfly's Massage.  They can be prenatal massage or postpartum with additional special pricing when you purchase a monthly package.  Super convenient and comforting to have a massage in your own home in the first few weeks after your labor and birth.

What is not included in the package price with Wildflower Midwifery?
The price does not include initial laboratory testing (OB panel), any referred services (such as ultrasound or care by other providers including a hospital transfer if necessary), home birth kit (about $50), disposable pool liner, additional fees for twins,childbirth classes, lab fees for additional testing, infant hearing screen and metabolic testing and any medications administered to baby.  Placenta encapsulation is not included but is an available service provided under separate contract at a lower rate for Wildflower birth clients.

What happens next?
If you are interested in a home birth and want to meet with me, please send me a message through my contact page or give me a call.  We can chat and discuss a meeting time and place for a no obligation interview.  Interviews usually last from one to one and a half hours and are available in day or evening hours. If we decide to work together I will ask you to sign a contract and provide a $500 deposit.  I take a small number of clients due each month and your deposit ensures you a place.

What is a first appointment like?
At your first appointment we will go over your health history including any previous pregnancy and delivery.  We will discuss your current pregnancy symptoms and how it has been going to this point.  We will complete any remaining paperwork and I will do a keep-your-clothes-on mini physical.  If you are 10 weeks or more we can listen to baby with the doppler.  If you choose to use the fetascope only, we can hear baby after 20 weeks. I will also do your initial blood draw for the OB panel which includes blood type, rubella status, HIV, Hep B, Syphilis, CBC,and antibody status. If you desire a water birth, Hepatitis C testing will be completed as well.  We will discuss nutrition and exercise and I will answer any questions you have. The first appointment usually lasts about one and a half hours.

Why do you do all home visits?
While there are certainly timing advantages to having clients come to my home office, I truly enjoy visiting my clients in their homes.  I can see how you live, I get to see your other children in a place they feel comfortable and you get increasingly comfortable with me in your home.  When I arrive for your labor, you and your family feel less of an interruption because it is not unusual for me to be there.  Additionally, I know it helps my clients.  It is so much easier to have the midwife come to you than to pack up your children and drive them to an appointment and try to keep them entertained while you complete your visit. It's also a lot less hassle than  working around meal times and nap times so you can get to an appointment.  Even if you don't already have children, who wants to drive in the snow anyway?